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Board Meeting
Yampa River Fishing
Yampa River Fishing
Yampa River Fishing
Big T. Restoration
General Meeting
Frying Pan Fishing
Frying Pan Fishing
Frying Pan Fishing
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George Creek
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Sustaining Donors
Sep 24, 16-Sep 24, 17
$1000+ Cutthroat Donors

Cutthroat Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Fred Ebert
New Belgium Brewery
Odell Brewing Co.

$500-$999 Rainbow Donors

Rainbow Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

CMS Mechanical Services, Inc.
Tom Culbertson
Fly Fishing Team USA
Bob Green
Linda and Dick Jefferies
David Piske
Robert F. Dunn in Memoriam

$100-$499 Brown Donors

Brown Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Marc Brown
Yang Qian & Edward McConnaughey
Bill Gillett
Handmade Art Co.
JAX Outdoors
Robert Loeven
Marc McKenzie
NoCo FlyFishing
Dale Rellas
Steven Hanzlik in Memoriam
Richard Withey

$50-$99 Brook Donors

Brook Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Dennis Cook
Fish Restaurant
Jax Fish House
Sonny Lubicks

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Trout Unlimited

Big Thompson River Restoration

RMF will partner with the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition to plant willows and container plants along the Jasper Lake reach of the Big T. River. More information below for this September 19 project.

September Membership Meeting

Adam Jokerst Our speaker at the September (Wednesday, September 20) meeting will be Adam Jokerst, P.E., Water Resources Project Engineer at Fort Collins Utilities.
He will discuss and take questions about the proposed changes to the Halligan Reservoir.
The meeting, as usual, will be at the Fort Collins Senior Center, located on Raintree off Shields Avenue between Prospect and Drake. Please enter from the main entrance. The north entrance is now routinely locked for security reasons. The Program begins at 7:00 pm, but all are welcome to join us for a social half hour at 6:30 pm.

2017 Youth Camp Completed

This is the size of the fish we caught!

Greenback Cutthroat Trout Spawning

In the restoration efforts to bring back the Colorado State Fish, Colorado Parks and Wildlife with the help of volunteers are working to assist with spawning efforts. Read the story in the August issue of The Flypaper available on our web site. See also the George Creek Restoration.
Colorado Greenback Cutthroat

George Creek Road Obliteration for Greenback Trout Restoration

In 2016, Rocky Mountain Flycasters partnered with Wildland Restoration Volunteers (WRV) and the US National Forest Service to begin a multiyear greenback cutthroat trout project on George and Cornelius Creeks in northern Colorado. In 2017, restoration efforts will continue and you can be a part of the effort.

George Creek work
Second season at George Creek site
RMF, with WRV go back to the George Creek watershed to finish the road obliteration component of this exciting greenback cutthroat reintroduction project! By de-compacting, re-contouring, stabilizing, and re-vegetating another 3 miles of road this ongoing project is intended to improve the quality of the watershed, improve habitat, and enhance water quality in George and Cornelius Creeks; the future home of a new population of this threatened native species.

The heavy work of tearing up the travel-way of unauthorized roadways, and obstructing them with fallen tree trunks will be done in advance by a contractor. Likewise, the heavy lifting involved in staging bales of wood mulch along the roadways will be accomplished by an earlier group of volunteers. Thus, the tasks awaiting the project-day volunteers are lighter than one might expect and will mainly include moving smaller trees and branches to cover the roadway, enriching soils where important, dispersing native grass seeds, and spreading wood mulch over the newly seeded areas.

The volunteer work will start first thing the morning of Saturday, September 30 and end Sunday PM October 1. A campsite will be available Friday night through Sunday. Friday night arrival is encouraged because the campsite is over 2 hours from Fort Collins. The campsite is not far off the Pearl Beaver Road and is accessible to most vehicles. A really low clearance vehicle is not recommended after dark.

WRV will provide all the food for the weekend. Volunteers should bring their own tents, sleeping equipment, etc. Volunteers will be spreading seed, fertilizer and wood straw mulch along 11 sections of road that are negatively impacting the habitat quality of the creek. Volunteers should have sturdy footwear, long pants and shirts, a backpack and the capacity to carry 2 liters of water. Added details about the project will be briefed to volunteers several days prior to the project by Nate Boschmann at the WRV office on East Mulberry in Fort Collins.

To register your interest in volunteering for this project go to the Wildland Restoration Volunteers website.

New Order of Hats!

We got in a new order of RMF Logo Hats recently. New colors and new pricing. Hats are now priced 25% lower than before. Show your pride in the work of Trout Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Flycasters. Get your hat(s) from our merchandise page and wear it with dignity.

RMF patch

Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ sew-on patches are back in stock.

You can order yours online or pick one up at our General Meetings. Show your pride in our chapter by showing your membership on your shirt, jacket, and/or vest.

What is noteable and quotable? See the brand new Quotes and Notes on the calendar page. Perhaps something you’ve written or said is included. There is a new one for every day of the year.


Trout Unlimited has been notified that a company called Platinum Publishing sent out renewal invoices for TROUT magazine for $79.95 to some of our members. Please be advised that this is a SCAM and did not originate from TU’s offices. Please do not respond to these invoices, but rest assured tu.org and our Woolly Bugger, WV, post office box are fully operational, secure and ready to process dues and gifts. Pass this message along to the volunteers in your chapter.


Recently posted

  • RMF has teamed up with the volunteer management system (VMS) company Volgistics to better manage the many opportunities we have to volunteer doing restoration, rehabilitation, and sustaining our cold water preservation mission. Connect with our VMS system on our newly designed Volunteer page.
  • Small can be beautiful. Read Mark Miller’s story Fishing the Headwaters of the Big Thompson River.
  • You can now download our calendar in digital format. See the new Calendar page. You can also download individual fishing events from our Let’s Go Fishing page.
  • What is noteable and quotable? See the brand new Quotes and Notes on the calendar page. Perhaps something you’ve written or said is included.
  • RMF fishing story from Marc McKenzie - Classical Music and Fly Fishing in Aspen.

Upcoming Events

Are you a Sustaining Donor? Sustaining Donors are members of Trout Unlimited (TU), non-members, and businesses who recognize that without this kind of community support our Chapter can not adequately protect, conserve, and restore Colorado’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds. Sustaining Donors are recognized at various levels. Contributions are greatly appreciated and we acknowledge sustaining donors in multiple ways. Find out more.

Flypaper cover

The Flypaper newsletter

The September 2017 issue of The Flypaper newsletter is available on our website. You can sign up to receive it online by using our signup form or by sending a message to our Flypaper editor. You can also download a pdf version of the newsletter from the newsletter page. Inside this issue:
September 2017: The Flypaper Newsletter 1.2 MB PDF file
  • From the President
  • Chapter Event Calendar
  • Filling up the Calendar
  • September Meeting
  • Volunteer Management
  • September Conservation Notes
  • The Flypaper’s Video of the Month
  • September Youth Outreach Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Let’s Go Fishing
  • Sustaining Donors


What else? Want to find out more about what Rocky Mountain Flycasters does in our area? Take a look at the About Us page and download the brochure we prepared.

More on our Current Calendar

Behnke-RMF Research Fellowship

Rocky Mountain Flycasters continues to support the Robert J. Behnke-RMF Research Fellowship through donations for each year’s fellowship and we are actively seeking donations. Read more about the fellowship and you can use this Donation Form to make a contribution. This fellowship helps a Colorado State graduate student with research and honors the life-long contributions made by Dr. Behnke.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Exclusives

Stop cross-water contamination!

Whirling disease. Dydimo. New Zealand Mud Snails. Chytrid fungus. These are very real threats to our waters. If you follow some very simple, inexpensive procedures, you can help curb the spread of these diseases. See Common Sense Disinfection Procedure by Phil Wright.

Inexpensive Wading staff

Are you as "sure footed" as you would like to be? Are you ready for the spring run-off? The raging spring torrents can quicky take your feet from under you. It could be that you might need a wading stick. Here’s how to build one out of inexpensive/used materials. Phil Wright put together this helpful HOW-TO (pdf 412 KB) so you can have your own hand-crafted wading stick.

Current Issues

Rock Snot

Is didymo invading your favorite stream? Read this article and Phil Wright's about decontamination.

For water conditions in our area, please check U.S. Geological Survey’s Real-time water data.
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