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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Board of Directors Meeting April 17, 2007

Attendees: David Piske, Paul Fromme, Bob Streeter, Dave Coulson, Chris Sheafor, Mark Coleman, Mark Graumlich, Greg Evans.

Greg Evans called the meeting to order at 7:07PM at Cipoletti's Restaurant in Loveland.

Treasurer’s report: Balance in RMFC account is $7222.29. Balance in Projects account is $2560.62.

Membership Report: The membership chairman was not present. New membership tags have been purchased and new tags have been printed for the meetings. A file box for nametags was constructed.

CTU Rendezvous: Chris Sheafor and Mark Coleman attended the CTU Rendezvous. Mark has prepared a comprehensive review that has been distributed to the Board members. The major benefits from the conference include the following:

Both NYU and CTU will coordinate with the Chapter on activities related to stream restoration, South Platte enhancement, River Watch, and Poudre activities.

Both CTU and NTU resources are available for all our activities, if we communicate our needs and plans.

Funds are available to support our activities. These include Fishing is Fun, South Plate enhancement funds, and CTU mini-grants.

Our Chapter has the opportunity to collaborate with River Watch and the National Fly Fishing Championship, which will be held on the Poudre River.

President's Report: Four applications were received for the CTU youth Camp. The applications were evaluated and ranked at the meeting. Other Chapters may support the second, third and fourth ranked candidates.

Eagles Nest: Bob Streeter reported that 16 people put in 5 hours each rolling tons of rock to reinforce a 200-foot strip of the east bank. The important contributions of the Cub Scout troop were noted. A complete report is on the web site, and in an e-mail by Bob Streeter. Volunteers to complete tree planting are needed.

Phantom Canyon: Dave Piske reported that trail maintenance has been changed to April 22 due to weather.

Enrollment for summer activities is going well. Space is still available for most dates. Again, the web site contains additional details.

Fundraising: Mark Coleman reported on fundraising activities. Two Brochures are in preparation. The general brochure about the Chapter will be based on an example obtained from a Midwest Chapter. A second brochure will detail specific project activities such as Eagles Nest. These brochures will be a basis for our fundraising requests.

Behnke scholarship fundraising will end in May. Funds from map sales are a possible source for future scholarships. Fishing is fun money may be useful for North Fork of the Poudre stream enhancement activities. Manufacturers, such as Ross Reels can provide equipment at a reduced cost for Banquet raffles.

Legislative activities: Motions were made, seconded and passed to support HB1298 and HB 1341.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 25 Jul, 2013